Our services are distinguished by quality and refinement, in a Romantic Atmosphere full of Glamour.

Our service is customized, with higher educated professionals and our kitchen is specializes in Italian food. As part of our team we have 2 Chefs specifically trained in Italian cuisine: Antipasti, Pasta, Pizzas and Salads.

We have a space and a landscape that makes us proud, and so we feel it is the ideal place for socializing and enjoying good Italian food.

We have the best place for Special and Romantic dinners, with pre-reservations in advance and limited number of people. We organize also: Birthday parties, Parties for Groups, Professional Dinners for companies, etc ...

Our team was selected based on clear ambitions to make a difference in the friendliness and customized service, trying to make the Ristorante Fiume de Ouro the venue of your choice!